AAVSO [American Association of Variable Star Observers]

The AAVSO is an international non-profit organization of variable star observers whose mission is to enable anyone, anywhere, to participate in scientific discovery through variable star astronomy. We accomplish our mission by carrying out the following activities: observation and analysis of variable stars,  collecting and archiving observations for worldwide access, forging strong collaborations between amateur and professional astronomers, promoting scientific research, education, and public outreach using variable star data.

American Meteor Society

The American Meteor Society, Ltd., is a non-profit scientific organization established to inform, encourage, and support the research activities of both amateur and professional astronomers who are interested in the fascinating field of Meteor Astronomy. Our affiliates observe, monitor, collect data on, study, and report on meteors, meteor showers, fireballs, and related meteoric phenomena.

Astronomical League

The Astronomical League is composed of over two hundred and forty local amateur astronomical societies from all across the United States. These organizations, along with our Members-at-Large, Patrons, and Supporting members form one of the largest amateur astronomical organizations in the world.

Our basic goal is to encourage an interest in astronomy (and especially amateur astronomy) throughout America by fostering astronomical education; by providing incentives for astronomical observation and research; and by assisting communication among amateur astronomical societies.

Citizen Scientists League

The Citizen Scientists League promotes responsible scientific observation, experimentation,
discovery, and invention. We encourage active participation, networking and publishing
by science enthusiasts at all levels of education and experience.

IMCA (International Meteor Collector’s Association)

The International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA Inc.) has one primary purpose: helping Meteorite Collectors in their search for Authentic Meteorites for their collections and assisting others in helping to learn more about meteorites. Whether they are new to the Meteorite World or very knowledgeable, we want all Collectors to buy/trade with confidence from our Members, knowing that every item will be exactly what it is represented to be.

IMO (International Meteor Organization)

The International Meteor Organization (IMO) was founded in 1988 and has more than 250 members now. IMO was created in response to an ever growing need for international cooperation of meteor amateur work. The collection of meteor observations by several methods from all around the world ensures the comprehensive study of meteor showers and their relation to comets and interplanetary dust.

LWCA [Longwave Club of America]

The Longwave Club of America was organized in January, 1974 to promote monitoring and experimentation on frequencies below the AM broadcast band. Such activities have come to include hearing and identifying navigational beacons, recording and analyzing natural radio emissions at very low frequencies, transmitting under low power rules in the 1750 meter band, and later on other frequencies where such ‘Part 15’ activity is also permitted.

SARA [Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers]

SARA was founded in 1981, with the purpose of educating those interested in pursuing amateur radio astronomy. The society is open to all, wishing to participate with others, worldwide.

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